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Butter Love Affair turns 1!

this is a post made by my aunt!

Butter Love Affair

Can you believe it? Butter Love Affair turns ONE! Happy blogiversary! 🙂

I started food blogging in 2010 but wasn’t able to maintain it. Photos of that blog were taken with an iPhone3GS so you really can’t expect it to be any good. Also, it was taken at night because I am on night shift and would cook only when I wake up [to get ready for work]. I also stopped blogging for a while because I moved to Hong Kong and I don’t cook much at my mom’s house. After living in the Philippines for 10 years without my mom, I have missed her cooking!

When my husband moved to Hong Kong last year (2012), we thought about buying a dSLR and when we did, I started blogging again. Yay! 🙂

I promised myself that I won’t blog for the sake of blogging — when I’m tired from work…

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